About Me

My career and adult life has been spent nurturing growing things – plants, children, students and people.  Watching the power within a tiny seed break through the soil, reach toward the sun, become loaded with fruit and finally return seed to the soil to continue the cycle is similar in both plants and people.  My interest in nurturing life came from my dad (a coach and teacher) and my mom (a gardener). Now I am a retired early childhood education professor and have also worked as a family child care provider, an elementary teacher and a Sunday school teacher and children’s choir director.  Flower gardens surround our home and we nurture several large vegetable gardens that we harvest to eat, preserve and share. Seems we have growing things in our lower level under grow lights all year round. Something is always sprouting and growing and providing me with hopefulness. If a dried up little seed can grow and develop – just think what people can do with the proper nurturing!!  

“All will grow and have their own beauty.”

My interest in health and fitness started as a child.  I distinctly remember health class in 4th grade when we learned about vitamins!!!!! Vitamins  A, B, C, D, K……..can you imagine? Indeed, I have filled my head with the research for the right nutrition and the most effective exercise since then.  Becoming a FASTer Way to Fat Loss® certified coach has continued to feed my curiosity and love of learning, not to mention my passion for guiding people to a healthier, more abundant, fulfilling life.

I am married to a fellow gardener and retired agronomy professor. Between us, we have seven grown children and twelve grandchildren………so far. So many opportunities for nurturing.

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