My Personal FASTer Way to Fat Loss Results  

I feel so confident in this program because of what the FASTer Way has done for me. Once I made the changes, there was no going back.

Like almost every woman I know, I have a long and less than loving history with food and exercise and my body. I spent 40 years losing and gaining the same pounds – from extreme exercise to elimination diets.  I mean how many ways can a person try in 40 years? At times I severely restricted my food intake and did cardio workouts at least 6 days a week. Surely that is when I “broke” my thyroid. Then, of course, there were the “see food eat it” times that went on for months at a time. ​ 

What I had a hard time getting through my head in this yo-yo dieting cycle is that restriction will never work. Completely eliminating an entire macronutrient (like carbs) from your diet, eating only boiled chicken and salad, or living on 1200 calories or less a day are NOT sustainable.

By May 2018 I had decided that it must be true after a certain age it is impossible to get lean, that losing your waist is a given and that if you have outgrown your clothing you just need to accept it and go on.  I packed many of favorite clothes in boxes and gave them away because I had “accepted” these ideas and bought a bunch of “comfortable” clothes.  

I came to the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® in June 2018. My niece and her husband shared their success with the FASTer way on social media and when I read the strategies the program implemented they were everything I had read about for health and wellness all put together in way that makes sense. No packaged products, real food, intermittent fasting, strength training, sleep and rest and recovery.  When I started the program the changes were dramatic for me. Within two weeks I slept better, woke energized, brain fog lifted.  In 3 months with the FASTer Way, I saw inches and pounds (more than 15% of my body weight) MELT away from my body, all while I was still enjoying many of the foods I loved. My lipid panel improved, and specifically my LDL’s, decreased over 50 points in less than 4 months. 

I learned exercises that made me STRONG enough to romp with our grandchildren whether its biking, or playing ball or just running after them, and CAPABLE of doing my part of the gardening and landscaping with my husband and ENERGETIC enough to support my aging parents and enjoy my life.  After 1 round of the FASTer Way, I knew I was never ever going back and that this lifestyle is sustainable for life.

I want to help you get back the energy, mental clarity, and positive outlook that a stressful, unhealthy lifestyle can take away.  I want you to learn a lifestyle you will want to sustain for life. You don’t have to accept your current state.  You can get better, healthier, stronger and you CAN recomposition your body.  

FASTer Way to Fat Loss® Client Before and After Photos and Testimonials

Testimonial: Stacy -“I have struggled with weight since college. I had 2 really tough pregnancies where I gained about 58 lbs during each one. I tried everything there was to do…all fad diets and all extreme exercising programs. I could BARELY lose 10 pounds! I would get so upset and just eat everything that was in my reach. My little family moved 5 hours away from all of our family and friends, so then depression hit and I didn’t have ANY energy to even fight it. When my baby turned 1, I saw the pictures of myself at his 1st birthday party and was just FED UP! So after a year of following Amanda, I took the plunge and have never looked back! This program is a game changer and a life giver!”
Testimonial: Tiffany

I am so grateful that I was introduced to the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® program. After having my daughter, I was no longer making time for myself to go to the gym or even eat properly. I felt guilty for making time for myself and taking time away from her (especially after going back to work). I wasn’t happy with myself at all. I was embarrassed to wear a bathing suit or anything that revealed my belly. 
After the first 2 weeks of my first round I could see a difference in my mid-section. My shorts weren’t as tight and I couldn’t see my belly through my shirts. After 6 weeks I felt amazing and even had some abs! I didn’t even have abs prior to having a baby! 
This is the best program by far! Especially for busy women and moms. I do most of my workouts at home and am still gaining lean muscle. My friends ask me all of the time which gym I use and are surprised to hear that I workout at home in my living room. 
This program is definitely an eye opener as to how unhealthy foods, lack of rest and a poor eating schedule can affect you physically and mentally. I am happier, have tons more energy, my family is eating better, I sleep better and most of all I AM PROUD of my “body after baby”! Thank you so much for creating such an empowering
Testimonial: Lori “47 year old first round of FASTer Way to Fat Loss®…..I believe I lost 13 lbs total and 17 inches total!!! It was amazing!!!!!! Easiest and best program that allowed me no deprivation!!!!”